Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am a very aavid blogger

pics of the snow and a couple others

Noah and Caleb watching the snow fall

Caleb pointing at the snow

Caleb the chicken and Noah's blue bin is his chicken coup
Caleb pointing to a banana - happens every meal time, just before the screech for the banana
Post Titan game meal

In the backyard this morning

Wanna have a seat?

Can you even tell that I spent 1.5hrs shoveling?
Our house - Unit A

Noah on his snow throne!

Maybe not up to his ears, just his waist!


Ann said...

I mean, not sure I'd want to LIVE in that, but I sure wish I could VISIT YA for awhile!

The photos are great- keep'm coming!

hiflyin_lady said...

Love the photos - especially of the kids. Caleb has changed so much already - baldy actually has hair :) Nice house and awesome view. Can't wait to see some snow.

Jillina said...

LOVE the snow pics!! Caleb looks like such a big boy what happened to my sweet baby nephew??

Katie said...

Caleb is changing so much! I can't believe he'll be one on Friday!

Courtney said...

The boys are beautiful..both have them have changed so much since you left!

The pick of Noahs closeup face is awesome.