Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lots of Info

Ok let's start.

I put new pics on my photography blog. Go check them out and tell me what you think.

I am a blog reader. I check ppl's blogs randomly throughout the day for updates. I leave comments regularly on some, not so much on others, and none on some others. So, I am reading this one blog that talks about being a lurker. Sounds so sneaky doesn't it. A lurker is a person who reads other people blogs but NEVER leaves a comment. Well, I read this on a blog where I have never left a comment. I felt like a peeping tom! I was dubbed a lurker! So be forewarned, I lurk and I am sure some of you do too! I am going to accept my lurkiness (who knows if that is a word) and wear my banner with pride! Sooner or later I may leave a comment, but if I don't just know that someone is lurking.

Pathetic. That is another term I used on myself on Tuesday night. I love the biggest loser. It so motivates me to get on the elliptical and sweat till I die. However, not so much this week. I look at my elliptical and say, "Ehh, maybe another day". Well, not only did I say "not today" to the elliptical on Tuesday, I ended the night with not one, but TWO pieces of chocolate cake WHILE I am watching the Biggest Loser. Oh I enjoyed that cake all right. Every single little crumb. Pathetic.
Not to mention the sliver I then decided to have the next morning with my coffee!!! I am so out of control!!!!

Today, I am redeeming myself. No cake, cause it is gone :) But I did shovel the driveway. Removed the 4-6 inches of powder we got last night. It took me 48minutes. New personal best. That will serve as my exercise today since I could not feel my legs when I came in. I did break a nice sweat though. Snow is heavy! Not to mention the ice I had to break through underneath the snow. A direct result from the crazy 45degree weather we had on Tuesday that melted the snow we had, then froze into ice, and now we have more snow coming. Woo Hoo! Please feel my sarcasm, cause the ice stinks since the ice melt stuff is in Kevin's car - who is on a trip w/car parked at squadron on roads I dare not drive right now - and the bag of this stuff weighs 50LBS!!! You would think it would be smarter and more efficient to pack this stuff in smaller 20lb bags. It would take up less room in the garage and be easier to handle.

Ok, enough for today!

Well one more thing, I added all the blogs I lurk........indulge yourself!


Greg said...

I confess--I'm a lurker, too, and I totally lurk on your blog as well as the person who talked about lurking in the first place! So I just wanted to acknowledge my presence:).
Your blogs are hilarious, by the way.
--Kim Kirby

Mary Jackson said...

Same here girl! Lurk away lurk away!

Caryn H said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm kind of new at it. You have a good fluency and voice to your writing that makes people want to read whatever write. It's good to hear what's going on with you all (I loved the idea of a pet chicken).

Jillina said...

I went private to keep lurkers away and I keep thinking about kicking people off my blog who don't comment. I feel like if your reading stuff about me and the fam, well you should leave a comment. Can you tell it's a hot topic for me right now? :)

Courtney said...

Okay, you made me feel guilty. Geez. But..I have to say that I wish people who are there would leave comments. I love comments! They make me smile!

So. Thanks for yours on mine. And, your blogs crack me up too.