Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Follow Up

Noah had the appt with the surgeon. His little leg got even bigger overnight. The doc is so nice, he did not want to hurt Noah. I think it hurt the doc as much as it did Noah. The doc had to drain his leg. It took me and Kevin to hold him down. Everyone, even in the waiting room, heard him screaming. It was awful. We may have to do this 2-3 more times. Another compression bandage was put on and we have another appt in a week.

The doc also went over the results of the lab work on Noah's tumor. It was not a lypoma, the original diagnosis, also not a cystic hygroma, the diagnosis after the surgery, it is actually a lymphangioma. Kinda the same thing as the cystic hygroma, just different names. It doesn't matter what it is called, the word I was looking for was benign, and it was. Praise God.

We also got some good news about our travel plans today. We are going to be able to take the ferry all the way up to Whittier, which is 2 hours from Anchorage. Our original plans were us getting off the ferry in Haines, AK and having 800 miles more to get to Anchorage. I like the former much better. So, we made our reservations today, and we were able to get a pretty good sleeping room reserved. We also saw that the schedule is going to have us spending Noah's 3rd bday in Juneau. That should be interesting.

Caleb is really crawling around now. He is also babbling like crazy. He is going to be just like Noah, a chatterbox. It is really funny to see Caleb scooch around. He will see something he wants and off he goes. He is really confident in the fact that he can get somewhere and he is really getting all over the house fairly quickly. I still can't believe how quickly the time is passing with Caleb. Soon, both boys will be graduating college and I will feel as though I just brought them home from the hospital.


Cryssy said...

You have no idea how fast time goes by. But it is a good thing. These boys of our are becoming more and more what God intends for them to be. It's an honor to be a witness to it. I'll just be praying that they see God in their lives and strive to live for Him.

I'm so glad about Noah and Caleb. God continues to provide.

JPJ said...

So very happy Noah got a positive report, but I hate he is going through the drainage process. Where are photos of the cuties? Would love to see Caleb on the move!!

Katie said...

Yay for more good news! Those boys truly are growing so fast...I guess that's just how it goes. I have a feeling you're going to have lots of good stories from your journey to Alaska.

Jillina said...

Oh my word!! So sorry that you had to hold Noah down. I've had to hold William down for bloodwork and I cry just as much as he does. I hate that for you. I'll be praying that you don't have to do that anymore!

Post a video of Caleb! I can't wait to see it!!