Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good Friends and Good Food

This is one thing I am going to miss in SC; comfort food, weekday dinners, and good friends. Tonight we went over to this couple's home and had a delicious dinner and even better company. This is the type of visit where the conversation is easy and we would have stayed longer but the kiddos were tired. Time is coming to an end so quickly in SC and I am welcoming the change and utterly dreading the good-byes.
I am so glad that we are living with friends as our time dwindles down. It is weird not having our own house, but we get lots of time to do things with our friends and enjoy the last few weeks we have with them. We have made so many really great friends here, they have really set a standard. Our calendar is jam packed the next few weeks with camping trips, parties, game nights, touristy things we want to do, etc. 2 things that will be greatly missed, our church and downtown.

On another note, after 2 days of phone battles we finally got an appt with the ortho guy in Seattle for Caleb. We have a very strict timeline for traveling from AL to the city we catch our ferry in WA. It all hinges on Caleb's appt and the ferry schedule. Lord willing, we can stick with the schedule we have planned.

Noah is back to the surgeon tomorrow for a follow-up. Possibility of the area on his leg having to be drained b/c it filled up with fluid. Poor guy. Hopefully this will be the last of the leg situation. Recently, he has been asking to go home. I think the stress of the situation is catching up with him. It will be wonderful to have him settled in a home with his things, so he will feel stable again. He is a strong little man, though.

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