Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's over

Well, we are back home. Noah has a huge bandage on his leg and is very calm (I know, odd for Noah, right!) The surgery took about 45min. The surgeon came out and talked to us afterwards and told us that after getting in there he realized that it was not just a lypoma. Noah actually had a cystic hygroma. Which from what I can find out online, is a birth defect that is usually detected around 2yrs of age. Luckily for us, Noah's was not in the typical location, which is the neck and face. There is no chance of recurrence. Surgical removal takes care of it. It was also much larger than it looked on his leg cause it grew inward not outward.
Now the hard part starts, keeping Noah from running for 2 days. Yeah, right! We will have to do the best we can. If you know Noah, you know the boy has NEVER walked. He has ALWAYS ran, everywhere!
So, I am feeling lousy after finding out this is a birth defect. I am 2 for 2 when it comes to kids and birth defects. Makes me VERY scared to have a third. Ultimately it's in God's hands. Maybe if I repeat that enough times it will stick. A lot easier said than done.
Overall, Noah is home, doing well, and we are glad to have this behind us. Thanks for the prayers.


Jillina said...

So glad things went well. Give Noah a big kiss from me!

Cryssy said...

So you won the defect lottery twice! Your boys are normal. By the time they are old enough to know anything different, they won't know they WERE different. You are a wonderful mom and that is all that matters no matter what. If your third has an issue, it won't matter because you'll love them regardless and care for them exactly as they need care. Love is all that matters. God said.

Katie said...

Hooray for a successful surgery! Noah is a champ!