Friday, August 17, 2007

Frog in my eye

What a day! Ever since Wed, N's leg has not been quite right. His entire leg became swollen and he was limping worse than the day of his surgery. So this morning I give a ring to the surgeon. They told me to remove the compression bandage and call back in an hour. So, I did this and the swelling in his foot goes down some. I call back and tell them the leg is still swollen and the area of his surgery looks like it is full of fluid again. They tell me to bring him in. The surgeon had mentioned something about a drain on wed, and this was sounding pretty darn good, cause I did not want N to be stuck with needles every 3-4 days to drain this wound. We get there at about 113o, and the doc sees him right away. He too thinks the drain is the answer cause he said he could not traumatize N anymore by continuing to drain the wound in the office. It took 4 of us to hold him down on wed, plus he bent the needle! I am thinking great, pop the drain in and we are good to go. Wrong. The surgeon also mentions that because it is filling up with fluid so quickly N could have pulled a few stitches leaving a pocket where fluid could keep building up. He wants to go back in, be sure all is well, insert the drain and stitch him back up. WHAT!! My stomach immediately goes into knots and all I can think about is that N is going to have to go through this again?! So, off we go to the hospital. We get there at 1:30, we were told they were going to bump N up in the schedule so he wouldn't have to sit there starving. They finally took him back a little after 6. Poor guy was so hungry and tired. Luckily he fell asleep and I did not have to hear him screaming, "MOMMY" as they carted him off down the hall. We finally got back to him in recovery about 7:30 and we were discharged an hour later. Poor guy has this vacuum bulb the size of a large apple hanging from his thigh. Hopefully it will come out on Monday if it does not drain a lot of fluid over the weekend.

Oh and the title I gave this entry. After finding out we were having a repeat surgery, I go home to pick up some necessities and start crying on the way. Noah asked, is something wrong. I said I had something in my eye. He said, you have a frog in your eye? I said yes, giggling and crying and he said, can I see it? How sweet he is. Lord willing he will be over this in a week. Please pray for him.


Cryssy said...

Poor guy!!! Why didn't they put a drain in the first time!!??? We drains in horses for less than his surgery!! Sometimes I wonder about these doctor people.... Good thing is he'll never remember any of it!

Katie said...

Wow - that just breaks my heart. Hopefully this craziness will soon be a distant memory. Hang in there!