Thursday, August 9, 2007

My bright ideas

Boy, I have had some brilliant ideas as of late. Let's begin.....

Noah has been healing from his surgery and doing great. However it is very hard to keep a 2.5yr old cooped up in the house for more than 2 days. It has been so hot here, heat index of 113, that we can not go outside and he can't swim because of his leg. So, I decide that since he has been running around and seems fine a visit to the House of Bounce would be fine. We go, we bounce, we have a great time. We get home and I put Noah in the shower and notice that his leg is swollen. More especially, the site of his surgery was swollen. Oh great, major uh-oh. So I put him to bed and luckily the next morning the swelling went down and we are out of the dog house. No more big activities, for now.

Idea #2, going to the gym this morning. Had a great workout, love the class I went to. The instructor is a friend. Nice being in the gym after a 4 month hiatus. My membership was up and they would not let me pay month to month, so I sneak in this morning! Come home, feed everyone lunch, decide to take a shower. Insert problem here. I have to go up the stairs to go to the shower. On the way up, every time I bend my knees it feels like someone is shaving a layer off the back of my knee cap. Great. Going to the ortho surgeon on Tues to discuss some therapeutic remedies. Well see what happens. So, I get a shower, nice to rinse off the sweat only to get out of the shower and sweat more from the horrid heat wave we are having. It was so pointless to blow dry my hair.

Tomorrow promises a "do-over". C has an ortho appt to hopefully have his brace removed for half of the day *keeping fingers crossed*, and we are taking C and N to the children's museum. This place offers a great time for all. I just hope it pans out.

Alaska is growing nearer and nearer. We are getting anxious to get there (secretly we are dying for the cooler temps) but a big part of us wants to stay for all the friends we have here. How we wish we could take them with us. Who knows what Alaska may hold for us though, change is good.

A few prayer requests for today:

**My SIL, Jillina, is going on a mission trip today, please pray for their safety and for God's work to be accomplished
**My friend Cryssy is pregnant, she is high risk for very early delivery, pray for at least 34-36 weeks gestation. I know God can do this for her and her family


Cryssy said...

I love it when I don't think things through... Love you!

Jillina said...

Aww thanks for the prayers!!