Monday, August 20, 2007


Just a funny moment worth noting.......

We took the boys to B&N today b/c they have this awesome train table there and we can look at books and mags and sip starbucks while N plays. Well, there were other kids there, to be expected. But there was this one boy. He was about 9 or 10. Very sweet and courteous kid to the younger ones around. All the other kids left and it was just us and our friends Tracy and Cole. We were just chatting, and this kid comes back and plops down with his starbucks in hand and says to Kevin (who is sitting in the chair across from him) "Don't you just love a frappucino?" I had to hold in my giggle and we replied, "yep, starbucks is really good" and the kid goes, "Yeah, I drink coffee every morning and starbucks is the best". I just thought to myself, "hmmm do you really?" Anyway, we left and the kid hung around and chatted with Tracy and Cole for a few more minutes. Starbucks has like around 350mg of caffeine compared to 50mg in a regular cup of Joe. I almost wanted to ask the kid if he ordered decaf.

Mental note: Noah and Caleb do not get coffee or coffee drinks until they are old enough to vote!!!!!!

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Jillina said...

Ha! You know kids always say the darndest things :)