Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just the facts

My SIL's did this on their blogs, I thought I would follow suit. However my version is cut in half, well, I might quater it. Anyway here goes

Things about me

1. I am not a people pleaser

2. I never wanted to be a mom until I met Kevin

3. I love love love being a wife and mom

4. I don't read my Bible like I should

5. It took me 9 years to finish college

6. I am so bad about letting my toenail polish grow off...... (that is really hard to admit)

7. I am not happy with the way my body is after 2 pregnancies

8. I eat like I have a VERY fast metabolism

9. I am tired of the frumpy look

10. I am a very good secret keeper

11. I detest corduroy pants

12. I want to be a morning person

13. I think integrity tells you everything about a person

14. I love baseball, but hate to watch it on TV

15 I am not as strong as people tell me I am

16. I believe in individual spiritual warfare

17. I am always noticing the muscular tone of legs

18. I am a moody person if I do not get in the gym regularly

19. I hold everyone to high standards, which sometimes is not fair

20. I love having lots of girlfriends

21. I can talk on the phone for hours

22. I wish I were more athletic

23. Kevin is my best friend, confident, and partner in crime

24. I am scared of lizards

25. I have 2 tattoos

26. I used to have multiple body piercings

27. I love to remember random facts about random things

28. I love being close to my SIL Jillina

29. I am a copycat

30. I love to take pictures

31. I wish I had more time to devote to my photography

32. I can not stand to do laundry

33. I think being strong-willed is a good thing

34. I cry a lot

35. I continuously fight being impulsive

36. It's hard for me to take my own advice

37. I love to read

38. I believe in getting respect by giving respect

39. I love to go fishing, but will not touch a fish

40. I am a "call it as it is" kinda girl

41. I am sometimes an emotional drama queen

42. I listen to rap music

43. I still listen to my NSYNC cds

44. I don't believe in luck, I think God did it

45. Becoming a Christian was the best decision I ever made

46. I get angry when people do not respect the flag or its pledge

48. Sometimes it takes me 3 days to take off my eye makeup. I just reapply

49. I love Christmas and it's whole charm. I will encourage the belief in Santa for as long as I can
50. I believe organic food is better for you and it is worth the price.

ok, that's enough. Maybe I will do 50 more later.

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Jillina said...

Love it!! But Lizards- who knew??