Sunday, August 26, 2007

The News

Since I last left you.....

Thursday night was to be a "date night". We got a sitter, made it to the theater to see Bourne Ultimatum, were in line to get a sweet treat and the phone rings. It's the babysitter saying Noah's drain has fallen out of his leg. She has looked and it is completely out and there is no way for her to reattach it. First of all I think, thank God the boys are with Sara (the sitter). Sara is so incredible with our kids, I am truly going to miss her when we move. I wish I could take her with us. Anyway, she took the time to assess the situation b/f she called and decided it was call worthy. So we ask for a refund of our tix and speed home. Yep, the entire drain line just came out of Noah's leg. He did not even realize it or care. So, I make a call to the surgeon and the one on-call gives me a positive diagnosis, but I questioned some of his comments to me and decide to follow up with my surgeon the next morning. The best of his brilliant comments was (Dialog style):
--Mary: "Do I need to keep him off of his feet so the fluid doesn't increase and and require a redrain with a needle?"
--Surgeon: "It's not like he is a 10 year old, he is a 2.5 yr old who will not be running around too much"
**uh, ok. you obviously don't have a 2.5 yr old tornado.

So anyway, Noah now has a hole in his leg where the drain was and is running around like a mad man. He has a taste of freedom again and is making up for the lost time with the drain. On a positive note, his leg is looking good and seems to not be retaining fluid. Lets hope and pray this lasts. I can not take him going through anything else. And it is probably good the drain came out on its own, cause that is one less traumatic ordeal Noah has to go through with the doc. We have an appt tomorrow afternoon with the surgeon. Keep him in your prayers.

Good news for all you grandparents, uncles and aunts out there, I found the memory card reader!! So, very soon I will post some pics of the youngest crawling and of the oldest causing his normal amount of chaos!

Friday night we go downtown, hit up our fav restaurant, Meritage. We meet up with a couple who are some of our best friends. We enjoy some SC cuisine, shrimp and grits (my fav) and take a ghost tour. This is a walking tour where you go around to a few graveyards and hear some ghosts stories. It was kinda cheesy but fun nonetheless. We end our downtown visit with a trip to Maggie Moos, mmmmm smoothies. Of course, it would not be the same with this couple if there were not a game of The Farming Game or Clue involved. So, we end the night with a game of Clue. We harass the couple we are living with to play along too. After much taunting back and forth, the couple we harrassed into playing won. Serves us right! Ha ha!

Saying goodbye:

Last night was my last "girls night". It was so much fun. A few of my closet and dear friends gathered together for a night of eats, games, laughs, and stories. We rehashed memories, gave funny speeches, and goofed off under the canopy of a tree with strings of lights hanging above. It was a scene out of a pottery barn mag, and we were the models. These women that I have met here have truly touched my heart. I aspire to be like them, have learned how to be a mom and friend from them, and am so blessed to have had the chance to have these great relationships.

We are leaving SC for the last time 2 weeks from today. It is hard to believe. Kevin is flying his "fini" mission tonight. Again, it is hard to believe.
Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for this journey across the US.


Jillina said...

Yes pictures!!! I can hardly wait! Glad Noah's doing ok, you guys are in our prayers. I can't belive you leave in 2 weeks!

Katie said...

Since I feel quite certain DC will not be one of your family stops...I wish you guys the best of luck on your new endeavor. Have a very safe trip. I'm glad Noah is doing ok.

JPJ said...

The best thing about friends is that they will always be a part of you--and with your move, you will keep adding to the collection of people that are special in your life. Just think of what you would have missed if you had never gone to SC. It will be the same in Alaska, and wherever else God leads you in life.
Even so, you are in my prayers as you make this transition!

The Jacksons said...

Sorry Katie, we are not coming to DC due to lack of time and we are spending each weekend available with the parents/grandparents. You are more than welcome to meet up with us in Crossville or Tullahoma. If you want to try and meet us I will give you the dates when we will be in each city.