Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Still want fast food?

--Wendy's taco supremo salad - 670 cal 43% from fat and 18 % from saturated fat

--Wendy's chicken BLT salad with honey mustard dressing - 2.5 times the fat calories of a Wendy's Classic single burger

--McDonald's Fiesta Salad with sour cream and salsa- 450 cal 56% from fat 26% saturated fat

--KFC extra crispy thigh- 360 cal, 230 from fat, that's 64% - more than 2x what the USDA recommends

--McD's sells about 150 million salads/yr. However, McD's feeds 46 mil people a day, that's about 17 billion people a year! So what does 150 million salads mean? That means less than 1 percent, NOT EVEN 1%, or 1 out of 100 people make the "healthy choice" of a salad.

Don't let those McD's ads fool you. The new marketing campaign is -- we have healthy food for your children b/c we care about our kid's health. -- WRONG! It's still the same food, just a new slogan!

--The bloomin onion at Outback has 2500 cal!!!

--Nutritionists say you should not eat fast food more than ONE TIME a MONTH!

I recommend a book called, Don't Eat This Book, Fast Food and the Supersizing of America by Morgan Spurlock. It will open up your eyes. Also, if you have not seen the documentary "Supersize Me", I would watch it, but you will never eat McD's again.

There are only 4 items at Mc D's that do not have sugar and they are:
-unsweet tea
-diet coke
EVERYTHING else has sugar added, that includes the salads!

Not to mention the added preservatives in these foods. I always wondered how McD's kept apples fresh looking for WEEKS! Everyone knows that when you cut an apple, it is turning brown within the hour.

I am sure this is a standard for all fast food places, not just McD's. High fructose corn syrup is used in the BUNS!

Did you know that high fructose corn syrup prevents freezer burn? It also keeps breads soft.

Kevin and I have not eaten at McD's in a long time. We should all take a lot of time to read the labels. If it can sit on the shelf for months, just think how long it takes to get through our systems. I know sometimes, for me, it is hard to see those with fast metabolisms eat whatever they want when they want it. However, I have to think to myself that they may be thin on the outside, but how unhealthy are their organs. The very organs that support that thin body. My body is God's temple and it may be flawed on the outside, but I want the inside to be pristine so my inside can help take care of the outside and prevent any more flaws.

Ok, just my thoughts about fast food today.


Ann said...

Yeah, I always knew it was bad...

If I'm correct, the fruity yogurt thing at McDs is worse than the soft serve ice cream- and people think b/c it says YOGURT it's good.

I'm always giving Larry a hard time b/c he eats whatever he wants-I told him just b/c he CAN eat whatever he wants doesn't mean he SHOULD eat whatever he wants! Ha!

But once in awhile I just have to have McDs ffries...but at least I DO recognize that they aren't good for me. And McDs ff in Italy are SOOOO hot and crispy and good, unlike here! :o)

Katie said...

I just subscribe to "everything in moderation." There's always some expert assessing something's wrong with just about everything we eat. Some experts even argue organic isn't the healthiest! Plus, everyone's body is unique and handles things differently.

Regardless, when you try your best to live a relatively healthy lifestyle, you'll probably feel better physically AND mentally...which is worth it!

Becky said...

Wow, I already didn't like fast food anyway, but you just confirmed it for me. At home we try to eat as much organic/natural as we can (you should read "The Maker's Diet" by Jordan Rubin), and I'm trying to work on giving myself smaller portion sizes (the whole "moderation" thing again), but sometimes the convenience outweighs the health benefits/risks. Most of the time when I DO eat fast food, it is because I want to hang out with other people who are going there. Sure, it would be healthier to eat healthier food at someone's home (or if you could find a restaurant that has healthier food, but it would be more expensive and it wouldn't be "fast"), but that doesn't work when you decide on a whim to go hang out after church or whatever. Our culture needs to come up with some other "hanging out" activity besides eating that gives everyone a chance to talk in a neutral location that also provides some safe activity for kids. Or, maybe people should plan ahead more and invite people into their homes for healthier food. But, yeah, fast food is bad. From your facts, it sounds like if you end up going to one, it is better just to go ahead and get a burger (or whatever you REALLY want) instead of thinking you are being healthy by getting a salad because it is all bad anyway.

Jillina said...

William may never have a happy meal now, I'm going to tell him he can dicuss this with Aunt Mary. :) No we've stopped eating junk/fast food as much since William wants what we eat. So far he's still on the super healthy kick. I may cave and give the boy chocolate on his 2nd birthday - we shall see.