Friday, August 10, 2007

No expectations

I knew today would be a great day!!!

I had completely NO expectations with Caleb's appt this morning. We went in as usual, saw the doc, got the BEST news. No brace during the day! YAY!!!! We are doing 12-14hrs/day. This is so awesome for Caleb and us. Now is doesn't matter what type of high chair is in a restaurant! Joy! Joy! Joy! He also got new shoes put on his brace and he is a size 1. That is up from size 00. He also had his 6mo appt this week and he weighs in at 18lbs 10oz and is 25in long

After C's appt, we took him and N to the children's museum. So much fun. C got to play along too in the water room and baby room, then he took a nap while N ran around in the castle. Me and N also did a craft in the craft room. It was a Moroccan inspired flower design. N like the Moroccan themed music that was playing and danced as we were gluing. We hit up the mellow mushroom for some yummy eats and both boys fell asleep in the car on the way home.

KJ is on his way to work to do a sim. The quicker he can complete the more free time he will have to play with me and the boys.


Here it is. The gnarly beast. Thank goodness it is gone. I look forward to the comments on this one. I told you I would post this pic. Thank you for waiting patiently.


Cryssy said...

wow that is incredibly scary!! I would never have even recognized him! Thank goodness he cut that thing off!! he is so much cuter without it!!!! Yikes.

Katie said...

I'm so happy about Caleb's good news! Sounds like good family times :)

Jillina said...

Yipee!! So glad that Caleb gets more "free" time!!